floor cleaning machine

<strong>floor cleaning</strong> machine

floor cleaning machine for flooring.

floor cleaning machine is a Automatic Hard Floor floor cleaning machine invented in Norway. This epoch-making product "floor cleaning machine" cleans flooring (smooth floors) by moving automaticly around the room at random, and comes at a reasonable price. The dust sheet installed in the frame firmly adsorbs "dust", "hair", "dust mites", and "lint", etc. It moves here and there, with a lovely movement that is like having a pet! It has three timer settings(30min./60min./90min.). So, you can go out with the timer set on and when you come back, your floor will be clean. This floor cleaning machine cleans your floor instead of you!!

<strong>floor cleaning</strong> machine Image<strong>floor cleaning</strong> machine Image<strong>floor cleaning</strong> machine Image

It firmly adsorbs dust, hair, and lint!

How to work
floor cleaning machine the special dust seat firmly adsorbs dust, hair, the harmful incects such as dust mites and fleas, and lint. And of course, pet hair!
【Cleaning ability of RoboMop XP】
…It can clean up a 180cm×180cm area in 30min.

Five special sheets comes in the standard set.[ Optional RoboMop dust sheets(25pieces) ]

This Automatic floor cleaning machine is recommended for people who...

  • have pets like cats and dogs in the house. ・・・・it cleans pet hair!!
  • are sick of tenacious dust and hair that accumulates again and again even though you clean and clean・・・it cleans dust and hair!!
  • have houses within the flooring living room, dining room, hall, and entrance. It's made for all even floors!!
  • want to keep the area under of the bed and sofa clean・・・・It can clean under the bed!!(over 9cm)
  • anxious about house dust・・・It cleans the causes of dust!!
  • want to clean the house without waking up the baby・・・・It can clean quietly with little noise.!!
  • and for hair salons, shops, offices, and etc. ・・・If you turn it on after the store closed, you can have a shining floor when it is time to open!!
Shining floor with <strong>floor cleaning</strong> machine!
Winner of Norwegian international invention grand prize and received Japanese patent
Winner of Norwegian international invention grand prize.
floor cleaning machine is an international invention, a automatic hard floor cleaning robot from Norway. It also received patent in Japan in 2005. It has been accepted as a automatic floor cleaning machine that is reliable and reasonable.

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