Home security

Home security

Keep intruders away from your home, and prevent them from destroying your property.

The home security of ""Guard one"" warns them away, before they can pick your lock, or break in. The radar wave is adapted to human perception function.
Unlike ""Infrared sensors"", it sees through obstacles such as ""walls"" and ""doors"", so suspicious people and sneaking thieves who dislike the noise due to its real Doberman's bark (barking, growling, and a siren) and feel threatened and repulsed, effectively. It protects within a radius of about 4.5M(with AC adaptor) by just putting it in place (door, back door, window side, and veranda), making it an uneasy entrance because of its obstacle-penetrating radar wave. When it happens to passes over someone, and the wavelength of the radar wave is disrupted, the growling and barking of a real Doberman (or siren) is sounded.

About 70% of sneaky thieves come in through a window.

Window broken by thief

The easiest way of invading is through windows now.
Are your windows safe enough?
※Wire glass" is not the crime prevention glass. It is the fire prevention glass.
It is broken easily as shown in the right record photograph. Replacing the broken glasses cost a lot! Just compareing to the cost of glass replecement is much cheaper.

As for Guard One, it can be "a prior prevention(threat)"that won't be done in the crime prevention device that reacts after the glass is broken.
Reasons to give up crime

All you have to do is just put it on the side of the window.Please put it on the place in which it doesn't want to be approached.

The most thief hate is sound.
It is important that crime prevention emit the sound. In a word, it doesn't matter wethere it is seen or not.Even the thief trys to stop the sound, he must break the window if it's in the window. And while he is trying it, Home Security Radar"Guard One" keeps making noises! It make hime giving up and run away! The biggest feature is "Radar wave. "Perceive the difference from "Infrared sensor", it can through obstacles such as "Pane" and "Door". It is too late after the windows broken and perveive.。
"It keeps away threatening before the window is broken. "Only Guard One can do it!Recently, quite a lot of crimes in daytime are insufficient, so only with sensor lights aren't enogh. "Guard One" is for the people who don't need too much security system.

Number & time of thief
The crime in daytime cannot be prevented because of light.
The reasons why theaves gave up to invasion
Making the noise can reach to the next door, too.

Installation is very simple.
All you have to do is set it on the window side of the living room and the bathroom. Installation is very simpleInstallation is very simple
Useful features for crime prevention of Home Security Radar"Guard One"
It perceives thorough the door.
Direction perception of 360°
It perceives thorough the door.
Direction perception of 360°
The radar wave is perceived even if there is obstacles such as the wall, the glass, and furniture and threatened by a large volume of 80 Degebel (It is adjustable).
Perceptable distance: 2-4.5m (It is adjustable). Moreover, the intruder from the front, back, left and right all directions is not overlooked. The perception distance can be adjusted.
Four threat sounds.
Construction is unnecessary.
The siren sound in addition to three barking voice patterns of a real Doberman is built into.
All troublesome installation construction is unnecessary unlike the security camera and the sensor light.
Splashproof construction
2WAY power supply
Because it is a splashproof construction, it is possible to set it up also in the garden and the garage.
(Only when dry battery is used. Use because of rain is improper though it is dew correspondence. )
It corresponds to a domestic power supply in addition to the dry battery (Equip it normally with the AC adaptor). We am used properly according to the scene.
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