Water saving shower head

<strong>Water saving shower head</strong> Saves \20000
Saving graph
According to the test results by FCG Research Institute, Inc., it shows the big difference between our products [Water saving shower head] and general shower head. With "Water saving shower head", you can save the water 44%! Saving water is not only save your money but also good for the earth. Let's use eco-friendly goods for our earth and yourself!
*15 L/min.(with the main cock opening half)
*Running the water for 10 min. each by a family of four.
*0.24 yen /L(Data reference/Tokyo waterworks bureau)
*The amount of money of water saving is different according to the region and the usage condition where you live.

This water saving shower head has mode adjustment dial and you can enjoy from strong Jet mode to fine mist as you like.
■High Volume:When you fill the hot water in your bath tub.
■Jet:Stimulation (effect of waterfall bath) to shoulder and foot. When you wash a ceiling and a far-off wall, etc.
■Strong Jet:Well washing body, hair and Scalp.
■Shower:Washing body and hair.
■Mist :Rinse bubble quickly
■Bubble Jet:washing sunburnt skin(face) gently.
One-touch stop lever
Have you ever felt pain to open and close the faucet every time while taking bath? Or running hot water whole time? Since Water saving shower head has One-touch stop lever, you can stop and run the hot water with one hand! It helps stop wasting water. You can save your money and contribute to eco life.
Almost all manufactures can install
TOTO、INAX、SAN-EI、KAKUDAI; No adaptor is required(Please follow the instruction manual.)
KVK、MYM、Gastar;Adaptor is required(Please follow the instruction manual.)
Improvement of hydraulic pressure of shower
It becomes hydraulic pressure steady only with the exchange of heads, and a pleasant shower can be taken even in the shower at home where hydraulic pressure is weak. With high hydraulic pressure helps to wash the parts that you couldn't reach ever.
Product name: Water saving shower head [Spa Showerhead]
Material: Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resin
Weight: 180g
Size: Length … About 21cm Head(Max. W)…5.5cm
Grip(Max. W)…4.2cm
Patent: No:3323183
Accessory: Each manufacturer installation adaptor
◆No adaptor is required. …TOTO・INAX・SAN-EI・KAKUDAI
◆Adaptor is required.…KVK・KYM・Gaster
Country of Manufacture: Taiwan
  • The still water lever temporarily stops the water, please switch the still water lever to "Opening (stream mode)", and stop it on the plug-hole side when using still water. It may cause breakdown and damage to the main body of the shower head and plumbing.
  • Please use it after checking the temperature of the hot water when you use the shower. In particular, please note that the hot water and cold water might come out when switching between open and close.
  • Please do not move the opening and shutting lever excessively, except during use. May cause breakdown.
  • Please do not use hot water (60℃ or more). (It causes damage according to heat. )
  • Please use the opening and shutting lever slowly.
  • Defective ignition might be caused depending on the ability of the boiler and the condition of hydraulic pressure etc. for gas trice boilers and the temperature of the hot water may change while using it.
  • Because the change in the temperature of the hot water might be large in the middle of stopping when the back-flow prevention device is not attached, so we encourage the installation of a no-return valve.
  • Please do not use it in the bathroom where freezing is expected. It might cause damage.
  • It is not possible to use with balance boilers.
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