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「NightStarU」 Power generation type LED light
Shake for 20min. of light.
NightStarU is known as an [LED flashlight] that can supply steady light that can be relied on in the hopeless dark in a disaster. It has been formally adopted in a lot of government and municipal offices such as specialized agencies of disaster relief and it is receiving high acclaim all over the world as a pioneer of power generation type LED flashlight. Shake it for 20min. of light. Need no batteries, no bulbs, no maintenance! Waterproof,impact design,rust prevention! And the system acquires a lot of patents in the United States.
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「Mobilepack」cellphone waterproof case | 5M waterproof
Make your cell phone waterproof
[Mobilepack] can meke your non-waterproofed cell phone waterproofed easily! Super clear window make it possible to take a photo and wach TV clearly. That means yu can take a pictures in the water with your cell phone at pool, sea, snow mountain and other places. Of course you can use mail and talk as regular phone!
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「ViraMask」N99 a bird flu preparation
N99 standard authorization Faceseal Technology
Experts estimate a fifth of the world's population could be affected, with 30m needing hospital treatment and around 7.5m dying by pandemic flu. How can we protect ourselves from it? ViraMask is the most advanced CDC/NIOSH certified adhesion respirator facemask that obsoletes all other disposable mask technologies by providing the best respirator protection and almost instant positive faceseal. A very high performance of 99.95% cutting has been proven by a corpuscle examination of 0.075μm by the inspecting agency Nelson inspection laboratory of FDA (United States the Food and Drug Administration) authorization. ViraMask is the useful tool for your protection from harmful bacterium, virus, and dust with its high performance and highly effective filter!
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「NightStar」 Power generation type LED light
Shake for 20min. of light.
The magnetic power generating system
■No Batteries! No Bulbs!
■"NEW NightStar" adopts super-high luminance LED
■300M Waterproof(NEW NightStar)
■1.2M impact design■Maintenance free
It is known as an "LED light" that can supply steady light that can be relied on in the hopeless dark in a disaster. It has been formally adopted in a lot of government and municipal offices such as the land, Sea, and Air Self-Defense Forces, the Tokyo agency River Division disaster prevention sections, and fire stations that specialize in disaster relief and are the professionals as a "Flashlight for disaster prevention". "NightStar" has the highest performance as the pioneer of "Power generation type LED light".
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「Fresh Pack Pro」"Vacuum sealer" preserve food freshness for a long time.
Comes with gourmet recepis
Have you ever had to throw away large amounts of food you bought because it rotted in the refrigerator, or lost its freshness? Vacuum packing machine "Fresh Pack Pro" preserves the ingredients and freshness, the flavor, and the nutrients of food longer by preserving it in a vacuum pack. Air oxidizes foodstuffs, and ruins the smell, freshness, color, and nutrition. Vacuum packing machine "Fresh Pack Pro" removes the air and protects food from rotting, dryness, and cracking. This helps you save food costs!
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「Cedar Fresh Hanger」Wooden Deodorant and Deodorizing
Scent of natural Red Cedar wood grown in the great outdoors of the United States.
It's a natural, scented, hanger made from ""Eastern Red Cedar"", a high-level timber that grows naturally in eastern America. "Eastern Red Cedar"" is said to be excellent for durability and has the effect of an insecticide used in the old days in North America, and is used to construct high-quality houses.
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10 set
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「KATADYN Combi plus」 Indoor-outdoor water purifier
Swiss "Katadyn Co." is a trusted Switzerland brand.
It turns bath water or the tank water from a rest room, river and lake water, into safe drinking water, in minutes, without boiling or adding chemicals. Silver mixing ceramic filter "Catadainseramic", developed with advanced technology touted throughout the world by the KATADYN Co., which has an innumerable, super-minute, holes of 0.2 microns (0.0002mm) in diameter, and is now known to reduce bacteria to a minimum (0.0005mm×0.002mm). In addition to its ability to remove bacteria and bacillus, the "Catadain seramicc" activated carbon filter removes odors and chemicals from water.
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RoboMop | Automatic Hard Floor Cleaning Robot
Winner of Norwegian international invention grand prize
Automatic Hard Floor Cleaning Robot invented in Norway. This epoch-making product "cleaning robot" cleans flooring (smooth floors) by moving automaticly around the room at random, and comes at a reasonable price. The dust sheet installed in the frame firmly adsorbs "dust", "hair", "dust mites", and "lint", etc. It has three timer settings(30min./60min./90min.)!
(Japanese PATENT NO.3681728)
(Norwegian PATENT NO:0239864)
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「Visiball」 Golf ball finder
Able to find the golf ball invisible in rough easily.
Glasses for finding golf ball in rough quickly. Have you ever felt difficulty to find golf ball in rough while you are playing golf? The special optical filters in Visiball Golf Ball Finding Glasses specifically attenuate light reflecting off of a golf ball and entering your eye to match the wavelengths that your retinal rods are most sensitive to. This principal, called the Purkinje Shift, is at the core of Visiball s patented technology.
(U.S.Patent No : 6,536,905 )
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Smart Booster Cable
Automatic Booster Cable sets "+" and "-" automatically.
Smart Booster Cable
It distinguishes the plus and the minus by the automatic operation, and energizes correctly. Eeasy and safe for everyone!Dying Car battery is the most major car troble. The reason like forgetting turn off the light, overuse of air conditioner, driving after a long time, and etc. Eeasy and safe for everyone!It saves you when you need it if you put it in your car.
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[SUPERCHARGED] The lightest [Sea Scooter] in the world!
[SUPERCHARGED] is rated No.1 overall by [DSAT].
The 8.4kg lightest [Sea Scooter] in the world! [SUPERCHARGED] is rated No.1 overall by Diving Science and Technology(DSAT), Variable speed control, Highly maneuverable - weighs just 18lbs/8.4KG including battery, Up to 3mph/4.8km/h with a battery life of 1.5 hours under normal use, Tested to 115ft./35m - rated to 100ft/30M, Waterproof circuitry for protection against accidental flooding, Adjustable buoyancy.
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「Dolphin」 pool scooter
Very compact,lightweight design!
Dolphin could be the greatly noteworthy water gear in the pool in the sea. It is good size and weight that kids can play with it. It feel like you are holding real dolphin in the water! ● Weight just 12 lbs/ 5.4 kg
● Super compact size that you can take it anywhere.
● Everyone can easily use it because it can operate only by the forefinger.
● Capable of speed up to 2 mph/3.2 km/h(It can pull adults.)
● Fully waterproof circuitry for protection against accidental flooding.
● Possible to dive up to 5m in depth.
● Protective Safety Grill.
● Low noise design good for snorkeling.
● Run time of up to 1 hours with normal use.
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Car FM Transmitter MP3 Player
Put the USB flash memory that the MP3 data enters in to the product and just insert it in the vehicle power port of the car. The transmitter in the product can convert the MP3 data into FM electric wave, and the electric wave be received with the radio tuner. You can enjoy the high quality sound without the skip from the speaker. Your music life could be expand!
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「Tongue Cleaner 」 Eliminates bad breath for a clean, healthy mouth.
New oral care!
A clean and healthy tongue is rosy-pink in color. It should not have any coating on it. The bacteria responsible for halitosis (bad breath) sits at the back of the tongue. Press the pulse switch on the front of the etc Gently move the etc from the back of the tongue to the front. The etc vibrates at +8000rpm to gently lift and detach the plaque coating off the tongue.
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Changes your Toothbrush to Electric toothbrush!!
You can feel cool because the wind goes upward to your face!
Non-slip rug tape! Easy installation!
Quick and Easy way to clear slow-moving or clogged drains!
Vegetable washing and draining all in one! Multifunctional salad spinner
You can cut the fat don't need!
A troublesome opening wine would be easily done with one button!
Mobile type espresso machine developed in France.
No more spill! Press to sip and release to seal with one hand!The Bronze Award winner of IDEA!
This [Neck Cooler] cools you down just by filling it with water!
A life-saver for the hot summer heat!
Gentle fine mist refresh you nicely by just adding water and pumping!
It cools you down inside and outside your body!
Make your digital camera waterproof(10M)easily, and it zoomable!
Make your cell phone waterproof(10M) with this case, easily, and still take photos clearly!
Personal air purifier on your neck [Air Supply]! Elimiinated 95% of bacter in experiments.
Hands-free, one-touch jar opener!
Cordless electric can opener
Dual electric pepper mill with auto one-touch button!
Automatic hard floor cleaning machine invented in Norway.
You can fold your clothes quickly, easily, and beautifully.
It can be detached with one touch, instantly, and set up just as easily.
Excellent tool that condenses the technology of a portable sonar fish finder to even compact palm size! You can check up to 36M in depth at once!
The radar wave is perceived even if there is obstacles such as the wall, the glass, and furniture and threatened by a large volume of 80 Degebel (It is adjustable).
2-WAY sports sunglasses 「ClipOn」 "Clip On" attached directly to a cap.
New Standard for Handy Golfball Cleaner
Enjoy your favorite shower mode by dialing! And also you can save the water 44%!
EZ Pack (Clothes compression bag)
A clothes compression bag that doesn't need a fastener due to its double-sealed structure with special PVC film.
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