SONIC ALL | Ultrasonic toothbrush

<strong>Ultrasonic toothbrush</strong> [SONIC ALL]

No Special Heads - It changes your standard toothbrush to Electric toothbrush!「SONIC ALL」

Change your Toothbrush to Electric toothbrush!
It's OK with your own toothbrush!
You no longer have to search around for a specific head to fit your Ultra Sonic Toothbrush. Ultrasonic toothbrush [SONIC ALL] is designed to use almost any standard toothbrush. Just unscrew the top, insert your favorite hand-held toothbrush to create a tailored Ultra Sonic toothbrush. And … save money on expensive replacement brushheads. Since it is battery type, it is possible to take it in anywhere...your house, office, trip. And you can share it just by changing the toothbrush with other person such as your family and friends.
15,000 plus vibrations per minute.

With 3 dimensional ultra high vibrations! Brushing image

What is a sound wave type electric toothbrush?

This electric toothbrush can vibrate brush end in sound wave region.(16〜20,000Hz)!
(More 20,000Hz is "Supersonic wave type")
No need for expensive replacement heads .Use your favourite brand!
Correspond various oral care items.
No need for special replacement heads!
Tongue Cleaner ,interdental brush
You can use your favorite toothbrush(Small head or big head, soft brush or hard brush, Design and color...etc.). No need a specific expensive toothbrush!
※Please consult dentist.
Not only use with toothbrush but you can also use with other oral care items such as tongue Cleaner and interdental brush.

※1…Grip part … Width 6mm〜16mm、Head … 14mm or less in width、Total length … 15cm or more

※2…The one side of the reciprocation of the brush was made once and calculated. (The frequency is different according to the kind and the manufacturer of the dry battery.)

※…The items having special size or shape cannot be used.

※Sale starts in the middle of October.

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Changes your Toothbrush to Electric toothbrush!!
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