Flood Light | iEL-WASD
Outdoor lighting at plant, street lighting, parking lot, park, and shopping malls Flood light at sports facilities, stadium, and golf courses High ceiling light at gymnasium, and manufacturing plants

Model type HBSD05 HBSD10 HBSD15 HBSD20 HBSD25
Wattage(W) 50(1) 100 150 200 250(1)
Lumens(lm) 4000 8500 12750 16000 20000
Lumens/watt(lm/W) 80{ 80{ 80{ 80{ 80{
Weight 7.5kg(reference)
IP 65(2)
1c50W & 250W are under development.
2cIP stands for International Protection code. The first digit g6h indicates gProtected against dusth and the second digit g5h indicates gProtected againstwater jets from any directionh.
Light Source 100/200V
Drive frequency 135kHz
Ballast type electronic ballast for iEL
Power factor 0.99{
Lamp life 100,000 hours
Color temperature 6000K
Color rendering index Ra80
Operational temperature -25`50

Mercury lamp Metal Halide lamp
50W 250W 175W
100W 400W 250W
150W 700W 400W
250W 1000W -

Diameter 510mm
Height 406mm

Compared with LED

  • No harsh glare
  • No multiple shadows
  • More widely spread and uniform lighting overall in space
  • The weights does not give stresses to ceiling structures

Compared with Mercury Lamp

  • Outstanding energy saving : 1/4`1/5
  • Higher color rendering index : Ra80 vs Ra40
  • Long life for 100,000 Hrs : 5`8 times
  • Instant Start and Hot Re-strike
  • Return on investment in 1.38 years only

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